Barbara and Jenna Bush: First Twins

Phony ID used by Barbara Bush (confiscated by police)


25 Nov 1981 Barbara and Jenna Bush born to Laura Bush and George W Bush.
20 Mar 2001 The National Enquirer alleges that first daughter Jenna Bush is a Marijuana user (quoting an unnamed source): "Jenna came over one night and we all did some doobies together. I wouldn't say she's a major pothead but she likes to toke up when it's around."
Mar 2001 Noelia Rodriguez, Laura Bush's press secretary: "Our position on the daughters is that they're private citizens." Can this philosophy be extended to all marijuana users and underage drinkers nationwide?
27 Apr 2001 Barbara Bush receives a citation for underage drinking at an Austin bar on Sixth Street.
29 May 2001 Barbara Bush uses a phony ID to buy a margarita at Chuy's, a Mexican restaurant in Austin TX.
29 May 2001 Jenna Bush cited (also at Chuy's) for attempting to purchase an alcoholic beverage, as a minor.
7 Jun 2001 Barbara Bush pleads no contest to possession of alcohol by a minor.
25 Nov 2002 The first twins turn 21, making underage drinking a problem of the past.
Oct 2003 Secret Service search a suspicious man who was observing Barbara Bush, while she attended school at Yale. They find a gun on his person, and ammunition in the trunk of his car. The man is released after it is determined he did indeed possess a permit for the gun. Middletown Press.

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