Mehmet Ali Agca



1917 The secret Third Secret of Fatima contains a prophecy of John Paul II's attempted assassination.
9 Jan 1958 Mehmet Ali Agca born, Yesiltepe, Turkey (Kurdistan portion.)
1966 Father dies.
1 Feb 1979 Abdi Ipekci shot to death in Istanbul.
25 Jun 1979 Arrested for murder of Abdi Ipekci, editor of Milliyet.
23 Nov 1979 Agca escapes from the maximum security prison at Kartal Maltepe.
Dec 1979 The man who informed on Agca is tortured and killed in Istanbul.
25 Nov 1980 A Turkish expatriate is killed in Kempten, West Germany. Agca is suspected.
13 May 1981 At 5:15 pm, attempts to assassinate Pope John Paul II, at St. Peter's Square in Rome. The Pope is wounded in the arm and abdomen, but not fatally.
Jul 1981 Sentenced to life imprisonment.
1982 Claims that Bulgarian intelligence service was to pay him $1.25M to kill the Pope.
Nov 1982 Bulgarian Sergei Ivanov Antonov arrested.
8 Jul 1983 Implicates the KGB in the Pope's assassination.
27 Dec 1983 Pope John Paul II meets with Mehmet Ali Agca.
Jun 1985 Trial begins of four Turks and three Bulgarians, over the attempted papal assassination. However, his claim to be Jesus Christ costs him some credibility. Implicates Freemasonry in the assassination plot.
Jun 2000 Italian President Carlo Ciampi pardons Agca.

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