Andrei Chikatilo

chikatilo_exposed_shrunk The Soviet Union's most prolific child killer. Confessed to killing 53 victims, mostly girls but he enjoyed the occasional boy now and then. He did things to his victims, mutilating the sexual organs, and removing the uterus of some girls. Some victims he cannibalized, eating the nipples or testicles, sometimes chewing on the uterus. Since the authorities considered such serial crimes a Western phenomenon, significant time elapsed before Chikatilo was caught.


16 Oct 1936 Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo born, Yablochnoye, Ukraine.
1973 Mother dies.
1978 Murders Yelena Zakotnova, age 9. Another man confessed after torture and was executed for this murder.
Jun 1982 Murders (apparent) first victim, Lyuba Biryuk, age 13, in Zaplavaskaya.
10 Dec 1982 Olga Stalmachenok missing.
Jan 1983 Viktor Burakov joins the task force for the Chikatilo murders.
14 Apr 1983 Olga Stalmachenok's body discovered, preserved by snow.
27 Dec 1983 Sergei Markov, age 14, missing.
1984 Chikatilo jailed on unrelated charges.
17 May 1988 Aleksei Voronko's body discovered.
Jul 1990 Victor Petrov's body discovered.
17 Aug 1990 Ivan Fomin's body discovered.
20 Nov 1990 Captured by authorities.
14 Apr 1992 Trial begins in Rostov.
14 Oct 1992 Guilty, 52 counts murder, 5 counts molestation.
15 Feb 1994 Executed, bullet to the head behind the right ear.

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