Gary Heidnik

heidnik-tiny-mugshot Serial killer, paranoid schizophrenic, cannibal. Model for Silence of the Lambs. Kept a harem of captive women in his basement at 3520 North Marshall Street in Franklinville, Philadelphia.


1943 Gary Heidnik born.
Oct 1961 Discharged from U.S. Army.
1971 Founds United Church of the Ministries of God.
Mar 1978 Daughter born.
Oct 1985 Marries a 22 year old Filipino woman.
Nov 1986 On Thanksgiving, kidnaps prostitute Josephina Rivera and keeps her in a rape dungeon.
Dec 1986 Kidnaps retard Sandra Lindsay and keeps her in a rape dungeon.
Jan 1987 Kidnaps Lisa Thomas, 19, and Jacqueline Askins, 18, and keeps them in a rape dungeon.
Feb 1987 Sandra Lindsay dies unintentionally of a hanging accident. He flesh is ground into hamburger and fed to the other girls in his "harem."
18 Mar 1987 Deborah Dudley electrocuted in a dungeon pit after it is filled with water.
Mar 1987 Prostitute Agnes Adams kidnapped.
24 Mar 1987 Josephina Rivera escapes.
20 Jun 1988 Trial begins.
1 Jul 1988 Found guilty of two counts of murder. Sentenced to death.
25 Jun 1999 State Supreme Court affirms Heidnik's request of death sentence.
6 Jul 1999 Gary Heidnik executed by lethal injection at 10.29 pm.

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