Henry Lee Lucas

henry-lee-lucas-mugshot "To me a live woman ain't nothing. I enjoy dead sex more than I do live sex."


23 Aug 1936 Henry Lee Lucas born to prostitute Viola, Blacksburg VA.
1953 Loses an eye after an incident with his brother.
1954 Arrested for burglary, sentenced to six years Virginia State Prison.
14 Sep 1957 Escaped from a prison work crew, recaptured three months later.
2 Sep 1959 Released from prison.
11 Jan 1960 Stabs his 74 year old mother in a fight, killing her.
1970 Paroled for the manslaughter of his mother.
Aug 1970 Released from prison (serving time for attempted kidnapping.)
23 Aug 1982 Kills and dismembers girlfriend Becky Powell.
Sep 1982 Kills Kate Rich. Later, in his confession: "I had sex, intercourse with her. It's one of those things that I guess got to be part of my life, having sexual intercourse with the dead."
26 Jun 1998 Texas Governor George W Bush commutes Lucas' death sentence to life imprisonment.
13 Mar 2001 Henry Lee Lucas dies in his cell of heart failure.

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