John Edward Robinson Sr.

jr11 He's known as the Cyber-Sex killer, but a better way to describe John Robinson is to call him a domineering, lying, fraudulent, murderous, charismatic, psychopathic, bipolar, dildo thief.

Robinson is now a confessed serial killer with a kink for torturing and raping women, then butchering them and hiding them in barrels. But that's all been done before; the real crime here is his theft of $500 worth of sex toys from a Texas psychologist.

On Easter of 2000, John met up with this unnamed and obviously embarrassed woman in a Kansas City extended-stay hotel. They'd met online at a BDSM bulletin board. During their week-long tryst, Robinson, always the consummate businessman, had the woman sign a slave contract binding her to him. He then proceeded to extracte various contractual obligations from her ass with whips and chains. She later pressed charges for abuse of her body, assault on her psyche, and theft of her sex toys.

You'd never know he was into this sort of kinky shit to look at him. Robinson is not only a God-fearing Christian businessman with four children and a wife, he is also an Eagle Scout, a Sunday School teacher, and a former man-of-the-year in Kansas City, Missouri.

Of course, he rigged the vote and awarded himself that last one. Nice.

He was born in Al Capone's favorite town, Cicero, Illinois, on December 27, 1943. His father was a professional blue-collar drunk, and his mother was a full-time disciplinarian. As the middle child of five, Robinson lost in a sea of punishment, spankings, and motherly abuse.

When he was 13, Robinson's Boy Scout troop was shipped off to merry old England to perform for the Queen Mum. According to the Chicago Tribune, after the show, John met Judy Garland and received a kiss on the cheek, to the envy of homosexuals everywhere. He's said to have told her he wanted to be a priest.

jr12 In 1964, John moved to Kansas City, Missouri. There, he quickly set to the task of making himself appear to be a civic asset and a respectable businessman. He trained as an X-ray technician, and got a job working for Harry Truman's doctor, Wallace H. Graham. He was then promptly fired and placed on three years' probation for embezzling.

In 1970, he was arrested for stealing 6,200 stamps from Mobile Oil Corp., his employer at the time. After that, he snatched five grand from R. B. Jones Co., another company foolish enough to hire him.

To top it all off, Robinson had something of a personality disorder. Local newspapers are riddled with neighbors' accounts of John being charming one moment, then flying off the handle in unabashed rage the next. Perhaps it was all those secrets he was keeping.

Robinson had all sorts of twisted bondage fetishes that his wife wasn't into. He was in the habit of meeting up with submissive women around Missouri whom he met through personal ads. He made them all sign slave contracts, just like the Texas Psychologist. But he never killed anyone he met this way: at least, no one that we know of.

Robinson eventually devised a scheme to satisfy his need to need to whip women to death while raping them. Robinson discovered a local shelter for homeless families and single mothers. He began to drop by with armloads of food and casually mention that he was on his way to give said food to a poor family he'd adopted. Workers at the shelter found him charming, but couldn't quite figure out why he kept dropping by to point out his own humility and charity.

Eventually, Robinson began trying to open a home for unwed mothers, and chatted up the shelter's management for potential clients. One of those clients, Lisa Stasi, was brought to Robinson's attention.


Lisa Stasi vanished in 1985, about the same time Robinson decided to "adopt" her and her year-old daughter. When Lisa vanished, Robinson pawned off young Tiffany Stasi to his brother in an illegal adoption. His brother never knew that the $5,500 he paid John to arrange the adoption went right into the killer's wallet. Lisa's body was never found, but John eventually confessed to having raped, sodomized, beaten, and killed her. She was likely his first murder, but he could also have cut his teeth on 19-year-old Paula Godfrey, who vanished in 1984.

After those first two kills, John took a little time off, before plunging back in again two years later with renewed vigor. 1987 brought the wayward Catherine Clampitt to Robinson's backyard. A 27 year old from Texas, Catherine sparked that old familiar feelings within Robinson. She was later found decomposing in a barrel on Robinson's property.

Robinson continued to fund broken business deals and generally make a bad name for himself in Kansas City. It's possible that he killed Catherine Clampitt out of rage just before he was shipped off to prison for fraud at the end of 1987. Once he got out, he met Beverly Bonner and Sheila Faith, both single moms with estranged husbands. Robinson killed them both and then proceeded to bilk the US government out of their social security checks.

Of particular interest is the fact that Robinson also raped and killed Debbie Faith, Sheila's paralyzed daughter. Not only did Debbie's legs not work, but she also had dental problems and developmental issues. None of this seemed to matter to our Robinson, who left her and her mother barreled up in a storage locker.

jr10 Next came Suzette M. Trouten and Izabela K. Lewicka, who were both found inside barrels buried on some property Robinson owned outside of Kansas City.

The final body count was 8, but there might be a few more out there, decomposing inside wodden and plastic barrels all over Missouri. Robinson began confessing to other murders towards the end of his trial in 2003; since then, he has also been brought up on charges of grand larceny, fraud, and mail fraud.

Most days of the trial, John's wife, Nancy was seen sitting steadfastly behind her husband. She and her children refuse to believe that John Robinson is a depraved psychopathic killer, even after he'd confessed to the crimes. In 2001, Nancy even told reporters, "The John Robinson we know has always been a loving and caring husband and father, the type of parent who never missed a sporting event, a school function or an opportunity to be there for his family. We do not know the person whom we have read and heard about on TV."

John Robinson, is now rotting in a Kansas City jail with two consecutive life sentences and an execution scheduled for 2005.

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