James Oliver Huberty

james-huberty-port-2 Perpetrated San Ysidro McDonald's massacre, killing 21 in 1984.

Co-worker James Aslanes: "He would talk about rapists. He mentioned what should be done with them: that they should cut off their fingers, they should cut off their hands and tie them up by their testicles. Things like that frightened me."


11 Oct 1942 James Oliver Huberty born, Canton OH.
1964 Trains to be an undertaker, Don Williams Funeral Home.
1971 Hubert's house burns to the ground, Massillon OH.
1965 Marries wife Etna.
1980 Arrested, drunk and disorderly conduct.
Dec 1982 Laid off from welding job when the Babcock and Wilcox plant in Canton closes.
Jan 1984 Moves to Southern California.
18 Jul 1984 Telling his wife "I'm going to hunt humans", Huberty proceeds to the San Ysidro McDonald's a quarter mile from his house and opens fire with a variety of weapons -- 12ga shotgun, Browning 9mm, Uzi carbine -- killing 21 and wounding 19. He fires 245 rounds before a shot from a police sniper's .308 ends the spree at 5:17 pm.
26 Sep 1984 A work crew destroys the San Ysidro McDonald's.

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