saluto_al_duce "The Duke" was Benito Mussolini's nickname before John Wayne got famous.

Outlawed Freemasonry in 1925, declaring that "Masonry must be destroyed and Masons should have no right to citizenship in Italy. To reach this end all means are good, from the club to the gun, from the breaking of windows to the purifying fire."

Part buffoon and party petty, provincial Italian autocrat who was more pomp and circumstance than substance. Too late for the 19th century Empire party, Mussolini took delight in conquering such defenseless and/or unwanted countries as Albania and Ethiopia. None of this alone is sufficient to win a spot in our hearts. But Il Duce had the fortitude to negotiate and sign the Lateran Concordat, legitimizing the Vatican as its own nation-state and paving the way for Armageddon.

Hanged by his own countrymen in great spectacle.

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