Robert Blake



18 Sep 1933 Mickey Gubitosi born, Nutley NJ.
1939 Appears as little rascal in Our Gang as "Little Mickey."
1940 Assumes the stage name Robert Blake.
1950 Drafted or enlists in the U.S. Army.
c. 1951 Sleeps with a 16 year old girl, then decides to kill the girl's father when he wants Blake prosecuted for statutory rape. Blake: "The night I went to do it. I felt perfectly sane. I arrived at the trailer just before dark and sat inside, freezing to death, just waiting. I kept thinking, 'No one will know I did this.' Finally he came out, walked down the path and around the car. My heart raced with excitement. He put his keys in to open the door and had his back to me, no more than thirty feet away. I raised the gun and put my finger on the trigger. My hand was as steady as could be. I was going to kill him." Blake pussied out, though, after the girl entered the room.
7 Jun 1956 Bonny Lee Bakely born, Morristown NJ.
25 Nov 1962 Marries actress Sondra Kerr (some sources claim 1961.)
Jan 1975 Hit TV show Baretta begins airing.
1978 Baretta cancelled.
1983 Divorces wife Sondra.
2 Jun 2000 Daughter, Rose Lenore Sophia, born. DNA test proves descent.
12 Nov 2000 Marries golddigger Bonny Lee Bakely. His second marriage, her ninth.
4 May 2002 Evening at dinner at Vitello's ends badly with Bonny Lee Bakely receiving a gunshot to the head from a Walther PPK. Blake had gone back to the restaurant to retrieve his handgun. Upon returning to the car, he found Bakely dead.
19 Apr 2002 Police arrest Blake for the murder of Bakely.
14 Mar 2003 Released from jail on $1.5M bond.

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