Eddie Murphy

"I have a few rules when I'm up here... Also, faggots aren't allowed to look at my ass while I'm onstage. That's why I keep moving when I'm up here. You don't know where the faggot section is, so I keep moving."

"He put two $100 bills on my leg and said, 'Here's $200.' He asked me if I did this for a living, being a transsexual prostitute. I said yes. Eddie said, 'Do you like to wear lingerie?' I said yes. He said, 'Can I see you in lingerie?' I told him, 'Whenever I have the time.' He said, 'I'll make the time.' Then he asked me, 'What type of sex do you like?' I said I was into everything."

First off: Eddie Murphy is not queer. Absolutely not. If anything, Eddie considers gays to be simply objects of lighthearted derision. Remember that hilarious comedy routine from Raw where he wonders what the Honeymooners would have been like if Ralph and Ed were gay lovers?

"Norton, my friend. How would you... like to fuck me... up the ass? I know you wanna fuck me Norton. And you know that I know that you know that you wanna fuck me. So I'm gonna bend over. And when I do, I'm counting to five. And when I'm done, start fucking!"

If Eddie were himself gay, then why on Earth would he raise the issue? It just doesn't make any sense. Use your head.


3 Apr 1961 Edward Regen Murphy born, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.
1980 Joins Saturday Night Live.
8 Dec 1982 48 Hrs.
1982 Eddie Murphy is nominated for a Grammy (under the category Best Rhythm & Blues Instrumental Performance) for the instrumental version of "Boogie in Your Butt."
5 Dec 1984 Beverly Hills Cop.
1985 Eddie Murphy releases How Could It Be, featuring the hit dance track "Party All the Time," written and produced by Rick James.
25 Nov 1987 Eddie Murphy Raw.
Feb 1992 Stars as the Pharoah in a video for the Michael Jackson song "Remember the Time."
18 Mar 1993 Marries Nicole Mitchell.
2 May 1997 Around 4:45am, Eddie Murphy picks up pre-op transsexual prostitute Shalomar (aka Atisone Kenneth Seiuli) on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, this happens to be inside a "prostitution abatement zone" designated by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Deputies pull over Murphy's Toyota Land Cruiser, arrest his passenger for outstanding warrants, and release the celebrity.
2 May 1997 Eddie Murphy tells Entertainment Tonight: "I love my wife and I'm not gay. I'm married with three children. I'm not going to be out there screwing hookers off the street or anything like that. I'm just being a nice guy... I was being a good Samaritan. It's not the first hooker I've helped out. I've seen hookers on corners... and I'll pull over... and they'll go, 'Oh you're Eddie Murphy, oh my God,' and I'll empty my wallet out to help."
10 May 1997 Saturday Night Live airs the sketch "Good Samaritan Eddie Murphy." Tim Meadows plays a superhero who travels the streets of Los Angeles by night, driving transsexuals from place to place. Host John Goodman plays one of the transsexuals.
11 May 1997 In its May 20 issue, the National Enquirer runs the story "Eddie Murphy's Secret Sex Life: His Transvestite Hooker Tells All."
May 1997 The Globe runs the story "Eddie Murphy's Sick Obsession With Drag Queens!" with the subhead "H'wood Stunned by Superstar's Secret Double Life as Cops Catch Him With Transsexual Hooker."
13 May 1997 Eddie Murphy files $5 million libel suits against the National Enquirer and The Globe.
30 Jul 1997 Eddie Murphy drops his lawsuit against the National Enquirer, and agrees to reimburse the tabloid for its legal fees. Murphy's lawyer also claims to have previously settled with The Globe.
31 Jul 1997 National Enquirer editor Steve Coz warns: "If you're going to go after the Enquirer, you'd better be damned sure of your facts."
Jun 1997 In the Gay & Lesbian Times Nicole Ramirez Murray declares: "For well over a decade, it has been known among the drag queen and transsexual underground that movie star and comedian Eddie Murphy dated numerous drag queens. One San Diego native, Summer St. Cerely (aka Alfie) has already sold her story to The Globe and appeared on many talk shows. Another local San Diego queen who still lives here and had an affair with Murphy is the ever-sexy and beautiful blonde bombshell Evelyn Thomas (Queen of Queens III and a former Miss Gay San Diego titleholder), who told me that she remembers that Murphy's "private part" curved like a banana! Another gorgeous drag queen, Mercedes Alexander... has also been splattered all over the press for her affair with Murphy... What makes this so outrageous and Eddie Murphy such a hypocritical asshole has been his years of anti-gay jokes and vicious attacks on our community earlier in his career. Yes, Eddie, every dog has its day and you deserve all that you're getting."
22 Apr 1998 Atisone Seiuli falls to her death trying to enter the fifth-floor window of her Koreatown apartment from the roof, after having accidentally locked herself out.
9 Jul 2001 People magazine quotes Eddy Murphy as saying: "Anytime you see me in a leather suit with the leather gloves equals a period when I was not grounded."
16 Aug 2002 After sitting on a shelf for two years, The Adventures of Pluto Nash finally opens in theaters. The $100 million film rakes in a grand total of $4,411,102, making it the least profitable film in the history of motion pictures.

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