Alice Cooper

200846.3 The nicest girl you could ever meet. Sings OK.
Good friends with Glen Campbell.


4 Feb 1948 Vincent Damon Furnier born, Detroit MI.
Apr 1961 Cooper's father, Ether Moroni (Michael) Furnier, ordained a minister.
May 1961 Family moves to Phoenix, AZ.
12 Apr 1968 While answering questions of the police after a traffic incident, begins using the name Alice Cooper.
8 Sep 1970 Alice Cooper allegedly arrested for using the word tits, Kansas City NE. (We cannot confirm this.)
1974 Legally changes name to Alice Cooper.
20 Mar 1976 Marries Sheryl Goddard, age 19.
1988 Father, Ether Moroni (Michael) Furnier, dies.

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