George Michael

aka Georgios Panayiotou

Ex-WHAM! musician, long denied rumors of being gay until he was caught by police in a particularly cruisy Beverly Hills restroom.


7 Apr 1998 Pop singer George Michael is arrested by an undercover police officer after wanking in front him in a public toilet. One of our staffers has checked out the restroom (at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills) and reports that it continues to be "cruisy."
12 Jul 2002 In Britain, pop singer George Michael complains to ITV1's Tonight With Trevor McDonald that he cannot safely return to the United States after a critical story in the New York Post: "It's been very heavily inferred that I was actually an al Qaeda sympathiser, that somehow I thought that there was something not horrific and shocking about the attacks on September 11. I was trying to do some damage control because my life was in danger. Americans are very reactionary right now and I -- because of that article -- cannot return to America, even though my partner lives there."

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