Snoop Doggy Dogg



20 Oct 1972 Calvin Broadus born, Long Beach CA.
5 Jun 1990 Convicted on felony narcotic possession charge, for trying to sell cocaine.
Dec 1992 Dr. Dre's The Chronic.
21 Jul 1993 During a traffic stop, Snoop's car is searched and a firearm is discovered.
25 Aug 1993 Phillip Woldemariam shot and killed. Snoop ("accomplice after the fact") and bodyguard McKinley Lee are both charged. Woldemariam allegedly flashed a gang sign at the two earlier that day.
Sep 1993 Doggystyle.
20 Feb 1996 Snoop and McKinley Lee acquitted on manslaughter and murder charges in the 1993 Woldemariam slaying. Attorney: Johnny Cochran.
21 Mar 1997 Sentenced to 3 years probation and fined $1000 for firearms violation (felon in possession of a handgun which was found in his car, when he was stopped for a traffic violation.)
16 Jan 1998 Appears in film Half Baked.
May 1998 Arrested in California, marijuana possession.
Feb 2001 In collaboration with Hustler, releases a rap/porn video for Doggystyle (six full videos, and hardcore scenes interspersed.)
May 2001 Fined $398.30 for marijuana possession, Ohio.
22 Aug 2002 In an interview with Black Entertainment Television, Snoop Dogg declares that he has given up weed and alcohol: "The sharpest move I made as a business man: I stopped smoking and drinking. That was the sharpest move I could've possibly made... I been leading niggas off the cliff for 5-6 years. Driving the car with a gang of niggas [like], 'C'mon, let's go,'" he said as he emulated a car revving its engine and going over a cliff.
10 Apr 2003 Shooting incident in Los Angeles, CA. He is not harmed, but two cars were struck and bodyguard McKinley Lee sustained injury.

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