Wayne Newton

  • Las Vegas.
  • Popularized "Danke Shoen" as lip-synched by Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • Posted Dana Plato's bail bond.
  • May have some sort of connection with the Carlo Gambino crime family. However, court has established that Mafia money was not the money used to buy the Aladdin casino.


3 Apr 1942 Wayne Newton born, Roanoke VA.
1972 Loses some weight, grows a pencil-thin moustache, lowers his voice a bit.
21 Aug 1980 Wayne Newton and Ed Torres purchase the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas for $85M.
Oct 1980 An NBC news report links Wayne Newton to organized crime. It makes his mother cry.
29 Jun 1982 Wayne Newton sells his interest in the Aladdin to partner Ed Torres.
5 Nov 1983 Wayne Newton purchases the Aladdin from Ed Torres for $58.5M.
11 Feb 1984 Aladdin files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
Nov 1986 Awarded $22.8M from NBC over Mafia libel allegations.
1990 NBC had alleged that Newton's financing of the Aladdin purchase was through the Mafia. Newton filed a libel suit and won, but the Newton's victory is overturned on appeal.

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