Wendy O. Williams



28 May 1949 Wendy Orlean Williams born, Rochester NY.
1978 The Plasmastics formed, New York City.
1979 Stars in a porno film, Candy Goes to Hollywood!. The ping-pong ball scene is sensational, really showing off Wendy's muscular control over her no-no place.
Apr 1981 Acquitted of obscenity (for performing wearing only shaving cream.)
Nov 1981 Beat a photographer, sentenced to one year probation.
1982 Covered Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man with Lemmy from Motorehead.
1985 Nominated for a Grammy, Best Female Rock Vocal.
22 Aug 1986 Film, Reform School Girls.
18 Jan 1991 Arrested for onstage obscenity, Milwaukee WI.
6 Apr 1998 Shoots herself in the head outside in the woods of her home, Storrs CT.

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