Lolo Ferrari

aka Eve Valois

double_airbags_dvd 56G breasts.

"I hate reality -- I want to be wholly artificial."

"All this stuff has been because I can't stand life. But it hasn't changed anything. There are moments when I disconnect totally from reality. Then I can do anything, absolutely anything. I swallow pills. I throw myself out of windows. Dying seems very easy then."

After Lolo's death in 2000, her husband told a newspaper: "She wanted to be a star, but she couldn't bear living... She often said she'd kill herself if I wasn't there, and a few times she tried... Enough people have exploited me and Lolo already. If you want me to talk any more you'll have to pay."

"She was always drinking alcohol and coffee and taking pills. She took so many stimulants that she often made herself ill. The autopsy blames an overdose of medicine but I think she had literally worn her body out."


4 Mar 1962 Eve Valois born in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
1995 Ferrari motors files suit against Lolo for trademark infringement, after she announced plans to market a line of dolls bearing her name.
May 1995 Lolo Ferrari arrives in Cannes.
Feb 1996 Lolo Ferrari releases her album Airbag Generation.
Sep 1996 Lolo Ferrari begins guest-hosting Eurotrash on Channel 4 in England.
5 Mar 2000 Lolo Ferrari dies of a drug overdose in her home in Grasse, France.
1 Mar 2002 Police arrest Eric Vigne, Lolo Ferrari's widower, for her murder.
20 Mar 2002 A judge orders Eric Vigne to be held in jail while awaiting trial for his wife's murder.

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