Gilles de Rais



10 Nov 1404 Gilles de Rais born, Machecoul, Brittany.
1415 Mother, Marie, dies.
30 Nov 1420 Marries Catherine de Thonars, becoming one of the most wealthy men in all of Europe. Over the next eight years, much of this fortune is squandered.
1429 Accompanies Joan of Arc to Orléans.
1432 Begins to study alchemy.
30 Jul 1440 Proceedings initiated against de Rais by Jean de Malestroit, Bishop of Nantes and Chancellor of Brittany, alleging sodomy and murder of children.
26 Oct 1440 Gilles de Rais, one of the wealthiest noblemen in France, is executed for heresy after he is found to have engaged in the kidnap, sodomization, and murder of 200 young boys from the lower classes. Rais enjoyed masturbating on the stomachs of the boys as they suffered excruciating deaths, sometimes also enjoying necrophilia with their corpses.

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