Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Kelloggs Cornflakes Good-natured, somewhat maniacal head of the Battle Creek Sanatarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. Preaching a lifestyle of exercise, fresh air, and an astounding amount of enemas, Dr. Kellogg pioneered many good ideas utilized in modern health but accompanied them with many other less helpful theories. Among the more memorable were his insistence of removing portions of patients' bowels that he thought aided in spreading disease (due to rotten food overstaying its welcome within a body) and an amusing procedure wherein yogurt was given to both ends of the digestive system simultaneously.

His Cornflake idea, one of several "health foods" he developed over time, was taken by his brother Will and formed the base of the Kellogg's cereal empire. Dr. Kellogg wanted nothing to do with this bastardization of his invention and naturally went bazoo when the Kellogg's company started sugar-coating the flakes. A lawsuit ensued and the two brothers never spoke again. For some reason, neither the Kellogg's Cereal Company or the historical keepers of the name of Dr. Kellogg like to mention this.

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