Brian Epstein

epstein-obit The Beatles manager. Overdosed on sleeping pills, may have been suicide.

There is a line in A Hard Day's Night in which the character representing Brian Epstein theatens John Lennon by saying "I'll tell them all about you, John Lennon." This is generally believed to be a reference to the oft-rumored night of love the real Brian Epstein shared with the notoriously bisexual Lennon.


19 Sep 1934 Brian Epstein born to Harry and Malka Epstein, 4 Rodney Street, Liverpool England.
1952 Drafted into National Service.
3 Aug 1961 Begins a music column in Mersey Beat.
10 Dec 1961 Becomes manager of The Beatles.
Aug 1965 Brian Epstein meets with Walt Disney to discuss the possibility of the Beatles performing songs for the upcoming animated film The Jungle Book. Later, John Lennon nixes the idea.
5 Jul 1966 Philippine military police awaken Brian Epstein and demanded that the Beatles attend a party at the home of Imelda Marcos, wife of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Epstein refuses, and the band is forced to flee the country ASAP.
27 Aug 1967 While the Beatles are away in Bangor, Brian Epstein is found dead in his home. Officially, the cause of death was accidental overdose of sleeping pills, but many believe it was suicide. He was becoming increasingly depressed over his lack of involvement with the Beatles and also his personal turmoil caused by trying to keep his homosexuality a secret.
29 Aug 1967 Buried at Jewish Cemetery, Liverpool, section A grave H12.

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