Julius Streicher



12 Feb 1885 Julius Streicher born, Fleinhausen Germany.
1913 Marries Kunigunde Roth.
1914 Joins the German Army.
1915 Son, Lothair, born.
1918 Son, Elmar, born.
14 Apr 1923 Launches Der Stürmer newspaper, with Anti-Semitic viewpoint.
6 Apr 1924 Elected to German parliament.
1940 Removed of all governmental responsibility.
May 1943 An issue of Der Stürmer spotlights Jewish crucifixion of a Christian child during Passover. This issue is used as evidence at Nuremberg.
1943 Wife dies.
23 May 1945 Julius Streicher taken into American custody by Maj. Plitt.
30 Sep 1946 Julius Streicher sentenced to hang.
16 Oct 1946 Hanged as sentence for Nuremberg trial. Final words: Heil Hitler. He takes 14 minutes to die.

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