Reinhard Heydrich

reinhard-heydrich-portrait Above all the leaders in the Third Reich, Reinhard Heydrich was the one who knew the answer to the Jewish Question. As appointed Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Heydrich's rule can best be described as one of ruthless efficiency. He is the only Nazi which the Allies thought so dangerous that he had to be specifically assassinated. After Hitler learned that the Czech town of Lidice assisted in the successful plot, he was so enraged that he had all residents of the town shot (about 400 people), all of its buildings burned to the ground, and the debris bulldozed.


7 Mar 1904 Reinhard Eugen Tristan Heydrich born, Halle an der Saale, Germany.
1916 Riemann's Musical Encyclopedia contains the entry for Reinhard's father, "Heydrich, Bruno, real name Süss." Süss is generally considered a Jewish surname.
Mar 1922 Joins Reich Navy.
1926 Attains the rank of Second Lieutenant.
1928 Attains the rank of First Lieutenant.
1931 Resigns, conduct unbecoming a gentleman.
1931 Joins Nazi Party.
1 Sep 1939 Hitler reluctantly invades Poland, but only after being provoked by warmongering Poles. The previous night, a Polish commando team shot their way into a German radio station in the border town of Gleiwitz, and broadcasted a radical call to arms against the peaceloving nation of Germany. Except that it was all an elaborate sham engineered by Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich, dubbed Operation Canned Goods.
1941 Appointed Protector of Bohemia and Moravia.
27 May 1942 Assassinated by Czech partisans with a bomb.
4 Jun 1942 Heydrich dies from his wounds.

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