Ayn Rand

  • Author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged
  • Advocated smoking, which demonstrates man's triumph over nature.
  • Anton LaVey plagiarized portions of Atlas Shrugged for The Satanic Bible.
  • Have you been suckered into becoming a student of Objectivism?
    • Alan Greenspan

Who is John Galt? Where's Dagny Taggart?


2 Feb 1905 Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum born, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1924 Graduates, University of Leningrad.
26 Jan 1926 Leaves Russia for America.
18 Feb 1926 Arrives in New York City.
Sep 1926 Movie extra for Cecil B. DeMille film King of Kings.
15 Feb 1929 Marries actor Frank O'Conner.
13 Mar 1931 Naturalized as an American citizen.
31 Dec 1942 Finishes manuscript of The Fountainhead.
6 May 1943 The Fountainhead published.
1949 Film adaptation of The Fountainhead.
1957 Atlas Shrugged -- 1,168 pages.
6 Mar 1982 Ayn Rand dies in her New York City apartment.

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