Shoko Asahara

aka Chizuo Matsumoto

199979.1 Constructed the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult with assets on the order of $1.5B. Aasahara rants on the conspiracy of Judeo-Freemasons from America attempting to control the world with oily meats and junk foods. (Note that when Asahara was arrested, deep friend prawns were found in his refrigerator.) Aum dabbles in numerous scary ventures, including nerve gas (sarin released in Tokyo subway, 1995), Tesla weapons based on harmonic resonance (according to a U.S. Senate October 1995 report), and acquisition of nuclear material (by attempting to buy warheads from ex-Soviet states, and an attempt to purchase a Uranium mine in Australia). With such assets, the group is definitely in the same league as the Church of Scientology. Asahara is currently jailed in Japan, probably forever.

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