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Skull and Bones


11 Dec 1943 John Forbes Kerry born at the Fitzsimmons Military Hospital in Denver, Colorado.
28 Feb 1969 Shoots and kills a Vietcong. Later receives the Silver Star.
23 May 1970 Marries first wife, Philadelphia heiress Julie Thorne.
13 Jun 1971 Speaks at the Register for Peace Rally at Mineola, New York. Despite a doctored photograph surfacing 33 years later, Jane Fonda is not present at the event.
25 Jul 1988 After a six-year separation, divorces first wife Julia Thorne (two daughters: Alexandra and Vanessa).
26 May 1995 Marries second wife Teresa Heinz in Nantucket.
7 May 1997 Publicly admits that he has requested that the Catholic church grant him an annulment for his 18-year marriage to Julia Thorne, by whom he has two daughters.
31 Aug 2003 On Meet the Press, interviewer Tim Russert asks senator John Kerry about he and President Bush's Skull and Bones membership:
RUSSERT: You both were members of Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale. What does that tell us?
KERRY: Uh, not much, 'cause it's a secret. [Laughs.]
RUSSERT: Is there a secret handshake? Is there a secret code?
KERRY: I wish there were something secret I could manifest...
RUSSERT: 322 -- a secret number?
KERRY: There are all kinds of secrets, Tim. But one thing that's not a secret: I disagree with this President's direction that he's taking the country.

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