R. Budd Dwyer

"If this will offend you, please leave the room. Stay away, this thing will hurt someone."
With those words, Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer blew his fucking brains out on national TV to avoid being convicted of accepting bribes. Ratings went through the roof as a room full of media cameras filmed brain chunk splattery and shredded-sinus gushery for three full minutes -- and that's just the footage rotten.com has access to!

19 years later and this footage is still known as "the most hardcore video that shitty rock bands [e.g., Filter] can play to shock their audiences". Shock-rock bands or websites that are looking to go that extra mile are encouraged to explore the Shockumentary collection at the Rotten Store. Find out how desensitized you really are. Discounts for customers who saw Dwyer live on TV when they were kids (P.S. this makes you "different")!


21 Nov-1939 Robert Budd Dwyer born.
22 Jan 1987 The State Treasurer of Pennsylvania, R. Budd Dwyer, proclaims his innocence to fraud charges at a crowded press conference and then pulls a gun out of an envelope and blows his fucking brains out.

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