Richard Perle

The Prince of Darkness



16 Sep 1941 Richard Norman Perle born, New York City.
1964 B.A., University of Southern California.
1967 M.A. in political science, Princeton University.
1981 Served as Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan.
1997 Co-founds Project for a New American Century, or PNAC.
Jul 2001 Chairman, Defense Policy Board.
Nov 2001 "He [ Saddam Hussein ] has weapons of mass destruction. The lesser risk is in pre-emption. We've got to stop wishing away the problem."
9 Mar 2003 Seymour Hersche exposé Lunch with the Chairman, published by The New Yorker exposed conflict of interest and questionable dealings.
5 Nov 2003 Claims publicly that low key attempts were made through him and a Lebanese businessman, Imag al Hage, to negotiate for a peaceful solution (permitting even American troops on Iraqi soil to search for WMDs) during the time immediately prior to the second Iraq War, but the George W Bush Administration ordered Perle not to pursue.
19 Nov 2003 Declares that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was "illegal", and that International Law was "in the way."

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