Clinton Deathwatch

Very few of these entries have been verified. Caveat gulliblor.

Check out Vince Foster and Ron Brown.


30 Jul 1992 Former national finance co-chairman for Clinton's election campaign President C. Victor Raiser II dies in a plane crash during a salmon fishing expedition in Dillingham, Alaska. Only the pilot and one of the six passengers survived after the plane crashed into a mountain. NTSB report
24 Sep 1992 Democratic National Committee political director Paul Tulley is found dead in a Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room.
9 Dec 1992 Interpreter for the dead Paula Grober dies in a single-vehicle car accident.
18 May 1993 James Wilson apparently commits suicide. Allegedly connected to Whitewater.
19 May 1993 Four servicemen are killed on an inspection flight when their Blackhawk helicopter crashes in the woods near Quantico, Virginia. Maj. William Barcley, SSgt. Brian Haney, Capt. Scott Reynolds, and Marine Sgt. Timothy Sabel had flown President Bill Clinton to the USS Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to the aircraft carrier two months prior. Hence, the men qualify as former "Clinton bodyguards" and their untimely deaths should be interpreted as evidence that they were killed simply because they knew too much.
20 Jun 1993 Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster apparently commits suicide with an unnumbered pistol at Fort Marcy Park in Virginia. Foster's empty briefcase later turns up at the White House. But after it is searched again, it is miraculously found to contain his suicide note.
30 Nov 1993 Clinton fundraiser Ed Willey is found dead in a Virginia forest with a gunshot wound to the head, an apparent suicide.
May 1994 Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, is found dead in her living room with a gunshot wound to the head, an apparent suicide.
Jun 1994 Bill Shelton, Kathy Ferguson's fiancee, is found dead at her gravesite, an apparent suicide.
Jan 1991 Gandy Baugh, attorney for Dan Lassater (a friend of the Clintons), jumps out the window of a tall building.
22 Jun 1993 Attorney Paul Wilcher is found dead on the toilet in his Washington apartment. No clear connection to Clinton.
15 Aug 1993 Whitewater investigator Jon Parnell Walker jumps from the balcony of his Arlington, Virginia apartment.
29 Nov 1996 The nude, bruised body of Barbara Wise is found in her office at the Commerce Department, where she was a staffer under Ron Brown.
6 Jul 1997 Former White House intern and coffee shop night manager Mary Caitrin "Caity" Mahoney is murdered along with two of her coworkers, Emory Allen Evans and Aaron David Goodrich, at their Starbucks in Georgetown. Two years later, Carl Derick Cooper confesses to committing the murders during the course of a botched robbery.

  • Ron Brown
  • James Bunch
  • Danny Casolaro [ummm he died while investigating INSLAW]
  • Suzanne Coleman
  • Steve Dickson
  • Hershell Friday
  • Dr. Stanley Heard
  • Johnny Lawhon, Jr.
  • Florence Martin
  • James McDougal
  • Charles Meissner
  • Stanley Muggins
  • Jerry Parks
  • Barry Seal

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