1982 Inslaw, Inc., signs a 3-year $10 million contract with the US Justice Department to develop case management software.
1987 Federal Bankruptcy Judge George F. Bason, Jr., finds in favor of Inslaw: "The [D]epartment [of Justice] took, converted, stole INSLAW's software by trickery, fraud and deceit... the Justice Department engaged in an outrageous, deceitful, fraudulent game of cat and mouse, demonstrating contempt for both the law and any principle of fair dealing." Bason orders the DOJ to pay Inslaw $6.8 million. The order is later overturned on a technicality.
21 Mar 1991 Michael Riconosciuto, a.k.a. "Danger Man", signs a sworn affidavit admitting he altered the PROMIS software and sold it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
10 Aug 1991 Private investigator Joseph Daniel 'Danny' Casolaro is found dead in a Martinsburg, West Virginia, motel. His death is ruled a suicide, but his body is cremated before his family is informed of his death.
5 Nov 1994 Ronald Reagan announces he has Alzheimer's. The hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow promptly claims responsibility. cDc threatens to give each former president Alzheimer's unless certain demands are met. Among them: "We want the government to own up to the evils it perpetrated in the Inslaw case."

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