A series of mind control experiments conducted by the CIA. Among those dosed, Ken Kesey.


13 Apr 1953 Central Intelligence Agency commences MKULTRA, at the instigation of Richard Helms.
28 Nov 1953 After an LSD cocktail, biological warfare specialist Frank Olson defenestrates from the 13th floor of a Manhattan hotel.
9 Apr 1959 Operation Third Chance, in which LSD is administered to foreign nationals without their knowledge or permission.
c. 1960 Ted Kaczynski volunteers for psychological experiments of Dr. Henry Murray (former OSS official) at MIT.
1963 CIA Deputy Director Richard Helms, regarding the dosing of persons without their permission: "We have no answer to the moral issue."
21 Jul 1975 President Gerald Ford publicly apologizes for the death of Dr. Frank Olson, who died in 1953 after unwittingly getting dosed with LSD by the CIA.
Jul 1994 Olson's body exhumed, and examined by James Starrs. He concludes further foul play.
Sep 1995 In her book TRANCE: Formation of America, Cathy O'Brien claims to have been a victim of MKULTRA. But she also makes bizarre and likely false allegations -- such as accusing Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney of raping her as a child.
24 May 2004 Former deputy U.S. marshal and Marine Corps veteran Wayne Ritchie files a $12 million lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency, accusing them of drugging him during a Christmas party in 1957 as part of an MKULTRA experiment.
8 Apr 2005 U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel dismisses Wayne Ritchie's lawsuit due to lack of evidence.

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