Fake Moon Landing

If you're a member of the International Flat Earth Society, it's self-evident that NASA is nothing but a huge conspiracy of liars. The Space Shuttle pictures of a round earth -- complete frauds. After Gemini 11, Flat Earth Society members sent Pete Conrad letters of denunciation because during the flight he transmitted the statement "Eureka, Houston! The Earth is round!"

Necessarily, then, the Apollo moon landings never happened.

According to a poll conducted in 1999, 11% of Americans did not believe that the Apollo landings were genuine. In 2001, Fox television attracted 15 million viewers when it broadcasted "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Really Land on the Moon?" Fox claimed that after their show aired, roughly 20% of the public had doubts about the authenticity of the Apollo program.

This skepticism isn't completely nuts -- the moon landings were such incredible feats that they seem sort of farfetched at first.

Thankfully, private enterprise is working to resolve the matter. The TransOrbital corporation intends to launch its inaugural Moon excursion in October 2003. The mission objectives will include live video of flybys of the Apollo landing sites. Presumably, then, the world will finally get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the bags of astronaut urine and feces deposited on the the lunar regolith.

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