LSD Blotters


The easiest and most effective way to provide LSD (which comes in liquid form) to a waiting customer base is through the use of blotters, which are preforated sheets that allow the tearing off of tiny squares, each given one drop of the drug. This works out nicely on several levels: the dosage is easy to keep track of, it can be folded away and hidden if the authorities visit, and most importantly, it provides an amazing outlet for artistic expression.

For the last few decades, thousands of different designs have appeared on blotters, ranging from beautiful hand-drawn affairs to otherwise-legitmate corporate icons and trademarks. No image or concept is safe from this medium, and some blotters will have a hundred different images on the same page.

more What's fantastic is how many people this approach pisses off at once. Companies are absolutely horrified that their logo is being used in this fashion. Parents are disturbed that images of childhood (Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and so on) are showing up on these sheets to encourage children to ingest them. And customers can get pissed off because they think that every appearance of Bart Simpson on a small paper square means the same quality of drugs on them, which is never the case.

That said, it doesn't mean every company is against it: In 1995, Sony released a number of promotional items around their new game console, the Playstation, including hats, shirts and a small cardboard sheet with preforations. At the time, the flagship game Wipeout featured bands that were popular in dance clubs, and some enterprising person in the PR department obviously got a little out of hand.

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