impl-3a It's common to see stories passed with tight-lipped seriousness from parents to children on their way out for a fun night, describing all the horrible things that they might do to themselves should they try drugs. Therefore, it strikes an immediate chord when a story turns out to be true.

In April of 2002, twenty five year old Samantha Court was found by paramedics on her bed covered in her own blood, 18 of her teeth lying either on the sheets or in a nearby bowl. Suspicion naturally fell on her boyfriend, Jason Morris, who has home at the time.

At Morris' court hearing, however, Samantha revealed that she had removed her own teeth with pliers while high on massive amounts of the drug GHB, which induces hallucinations.

"I turned to face my bedroom wall and a luminous green and pink fly flew out and down my throat," she said. "That's when it started choking me." And so she implemented some quick-fix measures that must have gotten rather tedious after the first half-dozen.

The Jury, likely shaken by Ms. Court's court appearance, returned a not guilty verdict in two hours, clearing Morris of all charges. The couple, still committed to each other, returned home. Another success story that leaves a smile on your face.

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