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The very concept of crime committed by more than a single person or small group of people is more than a typical police force can handle. A guy stabs another guy.. great. Find the stabbing guy and your work is almost done. But what if the stabber is working on contract from a syndicate of criminals, unrelated to the stabbee in any way, coming in from one state to do his job and then return home? What about the person (or board of people) who decided the stabbee needed to be dead, yet would never directly meet the stabber (and maybe not even the victim himself)? You start to see the problem.

Organized Crime as a concept feeds deliciously into our love of conspiracies, the idea that the random tragedies and triumphs of the human condition are actually part of a well-oiled, controlled machine. Perhaps it makes our existence more interesting, and perhaps it's because it has actually happened. Unlike a gang, where loose affiliations wane and wax and occasional clean-outs by police can decimate them for an extended period of time, truly organized crime seems more insidious, pre-emptively involving itself in the political machine, relying on an army of one-off criminals to do its work, and most importantly, outlasting and outliving many of its own members. It is as if it is a thing, unto itself, living and breathing, a true organism.

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