aka the Roma

The Gypsies originated in India. They were almost completely wiped out in the Holocaust, alongside the Jews, the Poles, and everyone else.

Gypsies dislike outsiders and tend to live on the road. They speak a bastardized version of Romanian, generally called Rom. It is thought that Gypsies enjoy stealing and consider personal posessions to be fluid. If this is the case, they quite enjoy freeing this fluid.

Gypsies exist in the United States, generally living in motor homes or on motorcycles. There are many accounts of gypsy thieves in small suburban communities. Whether the people apprehended for these crimes are actually gypsies or not is up for debate.

Gypsies are one of the few racial groups to which decidedly non-ethnic people can lie about belonging. Unless you count wiggers.

Gypsies are also one of the few remaining ethnic groups considered socially acceptable targets of open racism. Many a small town police blotter features the escapades of people "who appeared to be gypsies" wrangling their way into the homes of the elderly and stealing their priceless Hummel figurines.

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