The Turner Diaries

turner_diaries This is the white supremacist, anti-government hate literature that inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. It was written in 1978 by the now-deceased Dr. William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist organization known as the National Alliance. (The listed author, "Andrew Macdonald," was just a nom de plume.)

The Turner Diaries tells the tale of Earl Turner, a righteous, upstanding caucasian who joins an underground resistance movement after the Jew-Negro conspiracy completed its overthrow of the United States government. And, if you haven't already guessed, the book is written in the form of a diary.

The journals recount in vivid detail what it was like to live through the hellish days of November 1989, when the Zionists and their Negro henchmen finally went door-to-door, confiscating everyone's guns. This was the last straw, triggering full-blown guerrilla warfare against the apparatus of the government.

The race war was remarkably one-sided. The white supremacist forces rolled on to victory after victory, beginning with California. Which is where they demonstrated the lengths to which one has to go in order to achieve permanent victory:

Coming through the mountains just north of Los Angeles we encountered a long column of marchers, heavily guarded by GI's and Organization personnel. As we drove slowly past, I observed the prisoners closely, trying to decide what they were. They didn't seem to be Blacks or Chicanos, and yet only a few of them appeared to be Whites. Many of the faces were distinctly Jewish, while others had features or hair suggesting a Negroid taint. The head of the column turned off the main roadway into a little-used ranger trail which disappeared into a boulder-strewn canyon, while the tail stretched for several miles back toward the city. There may have been as many as 50,000 marchers, representing all ages and both sexes, just in the portion of the column we passed.

Back at HQ I inquired about the strange column. No one was sure, although the consensus was that they were the Jews and the mixedbreeds of too light a hue to be included with the evacuees who were sent east. I remember now something which puzzled me a few days ago: the separation of the very light Blacks -- the almost Whites, the octoroons and quadroons, the unclassifiable mongrels from various Asian and southern climes -- from the others during the concentration and evacuation operations.

And I think I now understand. The clearly distinguishable nonwhites are the ones we want to increase the racial pressure on the Whites outside California. The presence of more almost-White mongrels would merely confuse the issue -- and there is always the danger that they will later "pass" as White. Better to deal with them now, as soon as we get our hands on them. I have a suspicion their trip into that canyon north of here will be a one-way affair!

During the course of their terror campaign, the racist heroes decided to disrupt the FBI's primary computer installation. They used an ammonium nitrate-fuel oil truck bomb to accomplish this feat, which is ultimately what suggested the idea to McVeigh. Some people claim that McVeigh's truck bomb was an homage to the one described in the book, but there are really only so many variables you can play with when you assemble an ANFO bomb. And anything that size is going to require a truck to move it.

 Timothy McVeighEarl Turner
target Alfred P. Murrah federal building
Oklahoma City
FBI building
Washington, D.C.
date Wednesday, April 19, 1995
9:02 A.M.
Saturday, October 12, 1991
9:15 A.M.
payload 5,400 lbs. ammonium nitrate
mixed with nitro racing fuel and diesel
4,400 lbs. ammonium nitrate
mixed with heating oil
delivery rented Ryder truck
parked curbside, out front
hijacked panel truck
parked in sub-basement loading dock

The Organization inexorably rolled on to victory after victory, like an Aryan juggernaut. It all eventually culminated in Turner's strike against the Pentagon, which consisted of a light plane kamikaze attack with an onboard 60-kiloton nuclear bomb. But not before Earl got to recite his histrionic farewell address:

"Brothers! Two years ago, when I entered your ranks for the first time, I consecrated my life to our Order and to the purpose for which it exists. But then I faltered in the fulfillment of my obligation to you. Now I am ready to meet my obligation fully. I offer you my life. Do you accept it?"

In a rumbling unison their reply came back: "Brother! We accept your life. In return we offer you everlasting life in us. Your deed shall not be in vain, nor shall it be forgotten, until the end of time. To this commitment we pledge our lives."

Wow, what discipline. You have to assume that the crowd spent the day practicing that reply, or else they were reading from cue cards.

william_pierce_cat Like his protagonist Earl Turner, Pierce himself was a zealot who aspired to go down in Whitey History. His self-appointed role was that of the Thomas Paine of his movement, whose works were intended to motivate the White Man into restoring our nation's racially-intolerant glory. Of course, the Founding Fathers never advocated premeditated genocide or the slaughtering of whole cities. But Pierce was probably confident that if George Washington could have known that the mongrels would eventually take control of his beloved democracy, the Father of Our Country would have personally launched a global extermination campaign against the alien races.

As literature, of course, it's nothing but an abject failure. The writing is stiff, the characters are ridiculously one-dimensional, the plot monotonous, and the premise as droll as you can get. The end result comes off sounding like it was written by a skinhead stuck in study hall for a week with nothing else to do.

Above all, the book is just plain boring. But if you read it for insight into the dreams of a committed white supremacist, it might be worthwhile. Just be sure to keep an abundant supply of caffeine handy.

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