• Bill Graham, music promoter, helicopter accident.
  • Vic Morrow, decapitated by helicopter during filming of Twilight Zone.
  • Francis Gary Powers, former U2 spy pilot, helicopter accident.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, musician.


23 Jul 1982 Vic Morrow is killed filming a stunt sequence for Twilight Zone: The Movie near Valencia, California. Morrow and two child actors are chopped into bits by the main rotor when a helicopter positioned dangerously close to the talent suddenly crashes.
27 Aug 1990 Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan is killed when his Bell 206B helicopter crashes into a man-made ski hill near Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
25 Oct 1991 On the way back from a Huey Lewis concert, rock promoter Bill Graham is killed when his helicopter hits high-voltage power lines in Vallejo, California.
19 May 1993 Four servicemen are killed on an inspection flight when their Blackhawk helicopter crashes in the woods near Quantico, Virginia. Maj. William Barcley, SSgt. Brian Haney, Capt. Scott Reynolds, and Marine Sgt. Timothy Sabel had flown President Bill Clinton to the USS Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to the aircraft carrier two months prior. Hence, the men qualify as former "Clinton bodyguards" and their untimely deaths should be interpreted as evidence that they were killed simply because they knew too much.

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