Cancer of the Blood


16 Sep 1980 Fast food tycoon Colonel Sanders (Harlan Sanders) dies at the age of 90 of leukemia. Buried in his white suit at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville KY, section 33 lot 57.
9 Mar 1994 After a year a battling, author Charles Bukowski dies of myelogenous leukemia (surprisingly, not lung cancer nor liver failure), at a hospital in San Pedro CA.
17 Jan 1996 Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan dies of leukemia complications, Austin TX.
22 Jul 1998 Mercury and Apollo astronaut Alan Shepherd dies of leukemia.
12 Feb 2000 Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry dies of acute myelogenous Leukemia, for which he was diagnosed in May 1999, Dallas TX. He is buried in his fedora.
25 Sep 2003 Activist Edward Said dies of leukemia, at a hospital at 6:30 pm, New York City. Spoken to Ahdaf Souief in 1991: "Guess what? I've got fucking leukemia. Apparently I'm dying."

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