Ovarian Cancer and Cervical Cancer


26 Jul 1952 Evita Peron dies of uterine cancer, Buenos Aires. After her death her body is mummified.
20 May 1989 Saturday Night Live actress Gilda Radner dies of ovarian cancer, Los Angeles CA.
24 Feb 1994 Singer Dinah Shore (known for See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet) dies of ovarian cancer, Beverly Hills CA.
11 Sep 1994 Actress Jessica Tandy dies of ovarian cancer, Easton CT.
3 Dec 1999 Actress Madeline Kahn dies after a year long battle with ovarian cancer, at a Manhattan hospital.
29 Jun 2001 Actress Lana Turner dies of cervical cancer, Century City CA. She also developed throat cancer in 1981 caused by her smoking.

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