Skin Cancer or Melanoma


11 May 1981 Reggae singer Bob Marley dies of melanoma and brain cancer, Miami FL. The melanoma started in the big toe of his right foot, subsequently spreading to his lungs and brain. Marley refused proper treatment until it was much too late, instead obtaining it from Nazi SS doctor Josef Issels. Buried in a mausoleaum at Nine Miles, Jamaica.
9 Sep 1997 Actor and Batman villain Burgess Meredith dies of melanoma and Alzheimer's, Malibu CA. He was cremated.
8 Aug 2001 After a five year battle, Maureen Reagan, daughter of Ronald Reagan, dies of a brain tumor brought on by melanoma at her home in Granite Bay CA. The original diagnosis was a malignant melanoma on the back of her thigh, which subsequently spread to her liver, abdomen, and right arm.

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