20 Mar 1827 Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven dies, Vienna. Cause of death variously listed as TB, pneumonia, cirrhosis. Body exhumed in 1863 and 1888.
17 Dec 1830 Revolutionary Simon Bolivar dies of tuberculosis at his estate near Santa Marta, Colombia.
19 Dec 1848 Author Emily Bronte dies of tuberculosis in Haworth, Yorkshire, after having caught cold at her brother's funeral.
7 Oct 1849 Author Edgar Allen Poe dies of "acute congestion of the brain" brought on by tuberculosis, Baltimore, MD. His wife and also his mother died from TB as well.
6 May 1862 Author Henry David Thoreau dies of tuberculosis, from which he suffered most of his life, Concord, MA.
21 Jan 1950 Author George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm, dies of a tubercular hemorrhage in London.
6 Nov 1962 Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, dies in New York City of tuberculosis.
8 Jul 1967 Actress Vivien Leigh dies of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, sprawled on the floor with her lungs filled with fluid, at her home in London.

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