170 million Muslims, more than anywhere else in the world.


11 Aug 1772 The summit of Papandayan volcano in West Java suddenly implodes, unleashing a catastrophic debris avalanche which blankets an area of 250 square km. Tumbling boulders flatten 40 villages and their 2,957 inhabitants.
27 Dec 1949 The Netherlands grants Indonesia sovereignty.
19 Nov 1952 Bob Hope and Bing Crosby film, Road to Bali, premieres.
17 Mar 1963 Mt. Agung Bali erupts, killing 1500 islanders.
30 Sep 1965 Staged coup attempt by "Communists." This event is used as a pretext for Suharto to seize power, a move resulting in the eventual death of 250,000 Indonesians.
1975 Portuguese withdraw from East Timor, and Indonesia invades after receiving a green light from Henry Kissinger.
21 May 1998 Suharto forced to resign.
12 Oct 2002 A Jemaah Islamiah-planted bomb in a Balinese nightclub kills 202, mostly Australian tourists. It is the largest terrorist attack since the World Trade Center came down.

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