10 Aug 1628 To assist in the war with Poland, Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus builds a magnificent warship, the Vasa, with 64 bronze cannon on two tiers. But on its maiden voyage, the lower gunports are accidentally left open, and the ship immediately sinks to the bottom of Stockholm harbor. The ship remains submerged until it is raised in 1961 to become a tourist attraction.
16 Mar 1792 King Gustav III of Sweden shot in the back by Jacob Johan Anckarström at a costume ball, Royal Opera, Stockholm. Lingers from his wound until the 29th of March.
17 Jan 1945 Raoul Wallenberg disappears while in Soviet custody.
18 Sep 1961 Swedish diplomat and Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjöld killed in an airplane crash in the Congo.
10 Aug 1972 Paul McCartney and his wife Linda are arrested in Sweden after postal officials intercept a parcel of hashish addressed to their band, Wings.
28 Feb 1986 Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, assassinated leaving a Stockholm movie theater, by an unknown assailant.
11 Sep 2003 Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh assassinated by an unknown assailant, stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm department store. Lindh was the one of the main figures in the plebiscite to decide whether or not to adopt the Euro, which was held several days after the assassination.

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