Mountain Meadows Massacre

In 1857, the Mormons slaughtered 128 men, women, and children in southern Utah. While it has never quite been proven that prophet Brigham Young specifically ordered their deaths, it is apparent that the men who did the killing were acting on orders from high up the Church hierarchy. And it is incontrovertible that Young conspired to cover up the crimes.

In 1857, Brigham Young declared martial law in the Utah territory.

The Fancher Party arrived in Salt Lake City. According to Young's edict, the townspeople refused to sell supplies to the group. They headed south and camped in Mountain Meadows.

On September 7, 1857 the Fancher party suffered a coordinated joint attack by Paiute indians and Mormon militiamen. Many were killed on both sides before the pioneers could gain a tenable defensive position. Then followed five days of siege.

Finally, the Mormons negotiated a surrender. The surviving members of the Fancher party would hand over their livestock to the Paiutes and their guns to the Mormons. In return, the pioneers were guaranteed safe passage from the area. When they complied they were doublecrossed.

John Doyle Lee was executed by firing squad 23 Mar 1877 at Mountain Meadows.

7 Sep 1857 - 12 Sep 1857

5 Aug 1857 "We are invaded by a hostile force who are evidently assailing us to accomplish our overthrow and destruction." "That all the forces in said Territory hold themselves in readiness to March, at a moment's notice, to repel any and all such threatened invasion."

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