Jerry Falwell has devoted at least three televised broadcasts and several articles in his National Liberty Journal to "the Y2K Computer Crisis." Falwell's video A Christian's Guide to the Millennium Bug, which retails for $28, stated: "Y2K may be God's instrument to shake this nation, to humble this nation." Viewers are urged to stockpile food, water, gasoline, and ammunition.


13 Aug 1999 Randy Weaver tells a gun show audience in Kingsport, Tennessee that the federal government is planning to declare martial law no later than January 1, 2000. "I think the government will declare martial law at the first of the year, probably before the first of the year. I think they know they're going to have problems with Y2K and they're going to have riots in the streets if the power goes out in the big cities. Man is about five minutes away from becoming a savage."
1 Jan 2000 Y2K.

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