Psychic Surgery

Certainly one of the more dangerous of medical deceptions, Psychic "Surgery" provides the squeamish with what sounds like a perfect alternate option to the costly, painful (and successful) method of breaking the skin; a person gifted with the power to heal traces "incisions" along your body, gesturing and doing who knows what else to remove the "tumors" and "disease" from your body, sending you home after the session. No long stays, no horrifying scars... and no healing, actually.

Not surprisingly, this practice has fallen out of favor in the United States. In a country where people sue real doctors with no hesitation for anything percieved as inferior caretaking, someone using the "magic fingers" approach won't last a month. But in other lands with a more lax approach to malpractice and a penchant for the power of the mind, Psychic Surgeons thrive.

Like any good magic show, there are a number of tools that can be used to make the surgery more convincing. Besides the obvious need to have balls of steel, some well-palmed animal parts and vials of blood are sometimes used to provide a shocking climax to the procedure. What sort of person wouldn't be immediately convinced when a psychic surgeon, having removed the tumor inside you with the power of his mind alone, begins spontaneously dripping blood from their hands, and produces the mangled cyst in front of you? Well, the answer is nobody but an ignorant huckleberry, but there's plenty of those to go around.

Psychic Surgery is basically a more extreme version of "Faith Healing", wherein people are given a quick dose of Attention by someone who Really Cares About Them, and to be honest, that's often enough for a lot of maladies. if a person needed a little push to get them to try walking again or to clear out the internal mental block to take a shot at seeing again, well, who are we to criticize. But a tumor doesn't care what game of Charades some guy in a nice suit it doing near it, and no amount of candles and soft music will stop a gut from devouring itself.

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