neogeo_ad_2 This subtle attempt to position the Neo-Geo home videogame system as even more engrossing than fucking a kinky blonde appeared in the August 1991 issue of Premiere magazine.

In addition to the lingerie model and ad copy laden with double entendres ("He used to play all night with me. Hot action, fantasy games... you name it. Now he says his NEO-GEO gives him more[...] I'll show him. I'll play that NEO-GEO and beat the pants off him!"), the advertisers also snuck in a subliminal image.

If you look carefully at the television screen, you just might notice a cleverly-concealed penis! Can you find it?

In case you're wondering, that really is an actual Neo-Geo game, called Cyber-Lip. Looks... uh, fun.

cyberlip_title cyberlip

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