Joseph P. Kennedy


6 Sep 1888 Joseph P. Kennedy born, Boston MA.
22 Jul 1890 Rose Fitzgerald born, Boston MA.
Jun 1912 Graduates Harvard University.
7 Oct 1914 Marries the daughter of Boston's mayor, Rose Fitzgerald.
Jul 1915 First son Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. born.
1917 Assistant manager, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation.
29 May 1917 Son John F. Kennedy born, Brookline MA.
Sep 1918 Retarded daughter Rosemary born, Boston MA.
1920 Daughter Kathleen born, Boston MA.
10 Jul 1921 Daughter Eunice Mary born, Boston MA.
6 May 1924 Daughter Patricia born, Boston MA.
20 Nov 1924 Son Robert F. Kennedy born, Boston MA.
Feb 1928 Daughter Jean Anne born, Boston MA.
1930 Assisted presidential campaign of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
22 Feb 1932 Son, Edward Moore born, Brookline MA. Nickname Teddy.
1934 Appointed chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission.
1938 Appointed ambassador to Britain. Kennedy favored the appeasement of Adolf Hitler.
1940 Resigns ambassadorship.
1941 Has daughter Rosemary lobotomized.
12 Aug 1944 Son Joe killed during World War II.
14 May 1948 Daughter Kathleen killed in plane crash in France.
23 May 1953 Daughter Eunice marries Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr., New York City.
19 Dec 1961 Suffers stroke.
22 Nov 1963 Son John F. Kennedy assassinated, Dallas TX.
6 Jun 1968 Son Robert F. Kennedy assassinated, Los Angeles CA. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
1968 Daughter Eunice Kennedy Shriver founds the Special Olympics. (First competition July 20.)
18 Nov 1969 Joseph P. Kennedy dies, Hyannisport, MA. He is buried in Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MA.
22 Jan 1995 Wife Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy dies at the age of 104. Buried next to her husband.

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