Dan White

dan-white Killed San Francisco Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk.

The San Jose Mercury News reports an article published in the October issue of San Francisco magazine reveals Dan White, who murdered Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk on Nov. 27, 1978, also intended to kill Willie Brown, San Francisco's current mayor, and former Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver.

"I really lost it that day," White said.

"You can say that again," Falzon answered.

"No. I really lost it. I was on a mission. I wanted four of them."

"Four?" Falzon said.

"Carol Ruth Silver -- she was the biggest snake of the bunch.

"And Willie Brown," White continued. "He was masterminding the whole thing."

Harvey Milk, like a lot of San Francisco politicians, had been an ardent supporter of the Reverend Jim Jones' Peoples Temple.


10 Nov 1978 Dan White resigns his elected position on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.
27 Nov 1978 Dan White murders Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone.
21 May 1979 A judge gives Dan White only seven years for the premeditated murders of Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone, prompting thousands to march on San Francisco's City Hall. In what will come to be known as the White Night Riots, the demonstration takes a violent turn, resulting in significant property damage and the torching of twelve SFPD cruisers. Police respond with brutal beatdowns at gay bars in the Castro district.
6 Jan 1984 Dan White is paroled from Soledad Prison.
21 Oct 1985 With a garden hose hooked up to the exhaust pipe of his 1970 Buick Le Sabre, Dan White commits suicide in his garage.

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