Sirhan Sirhan

Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. See also Kennedy Assassinations.


19 Mar 1944 Sirhan Sirhan born, Jerusalem.
1965 Employed as a stable boy at Santa Anita Racetrack.
1968 Becomes a Rosicrucian.
31 Jan 1968 Diary entry: "RFK must die."
16 May 1968 Diary entry: "My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more of an unshakable obsession."
1 Jun 1968 Purchases two boxes, .22 hollow point ammunition.
4 Jun 1968 Waits in the kitchen for RFK, then fires a gun repeatedly at the candidate. Among those that wrestle Sirhan to the ground are Rosy Grier, Rafer Johnson, and George Plimpton.
17 Apr 1969 A jury finds Sirhan Sirhan guilty of the assassination of RFK.
10 May 1982 Sirhan Sirhan tells a parole board: "If Robert Kennedy were alive today, he would not countenance singling me out for this kind of treatment."

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