Kennedy Assassinations

Warren Commission included Gerald Ford.

The members of the commission were Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States; U.S. Senators Richard B. Russell (Democrat from Georgia) and John Sherman Cooper (Republican from Kentucky); U.S. Representatives Hale Boggs (Democrat from Louisiana) and Gerald R. Ford (Republican from Michigan); Allen W. Dulles, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; and John J. McCloy, former president of the World Bank. The commission named former U.S. Solicitor General James Lee Rankin as its general counsel and also appointed 14 assistant counsels and an additional staff of 12.

See also John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan.


11 Dec 1960 In Palm Beach, Florida, retired postmaster Richard Pavlick chooses at the last moment not to ram John F. Kennedy's car and detonate his seven sticks of dynamite. Pavlick later explains that it was out of concern for Jackie: "I did not wish to harm her or the children... I decided to get him at the church or someplace later."
22 Nov 1963 Kennedy assassinated, Dallas TX. Fr. Oscar Huber administers last rites, and is quoted by wire service UPI as saying "He's dead, all right." Lee Harvey Oswald captured hours later.
24 Nov 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated by Jack Ruby. The murder is shown live on national TV.
29 Nov 1963 By executive order, President Lyndon B. Johnson creates the Warren Commission to investigate the Kennedy Assassination.
3 Dec 1963 The Warren Commission begins its proceedings.
24 Sep 1964 The Warren Commission delivers its final report to President Lyndon B. Johnson.
May 1972 Richard M. Nixon, on the Warren Commission: "It was the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated." (White House tape.)

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